Direct Radar Pulse Measurement – Live Demonstration

Radar pul­se mea­su­re­ments are usual­ly per­for­med in the signal chain bet­ween gene­ra­tor and trans­mit­ting anten­na.

LUMILOOP will demons­tra­te direct mea­su­re­ment of radar pul­ses in the elec­tric field, exact­ly at the loca­ti­on of a DUT.
A LSPro­be high-speed E‑Field Pro­be and a LSPM RF power meter are com­bi­ned to eva­lua­te the typi­cal 3 μs pul­ses used in auto­mo­ti­ve com­po­nent test­ing.
The demo will also fea­ture high-speed E‑Field map­ping. A LSPro­be E‑field pro­be, a LSPM Power­me­ter and a RF signal gene­ra­tor are orchestra­ted by our PixE­dust® soft­ware. PixE­dust uti­li­zes the fre­quen­cy sweep capa­bi­li­ty of all the­se devices to ite­ra­te quick­ly through a fre­quen­cy list. This method redu­ces mea­su­re­ment time per spa­ti­al point down to sin­gle-digit seconds. A com­ple­te IEC 61000–4‑3 17 point field uni­for­mi­ty eva­lua­ti­on can easi­ly be per­for­med in under one hour. We will demons­tra­te this live in a small-sca­le setup.

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