LSProbe Stands and Positioner

LSProbe Floor Probe Stand

The LSPro­be Flo­or Pro­be Stand allows for moun­ting sin­gle and mul­ti­ple LSPro­bes in dif­fe­rent heights, defi­ned in the inter­na­tio­nal stan­dards. The table below shows a sel­ec­tion only.

ISO 11451–2Hol­der for three LSPro­bes in one level
ISO 11451–2 Four ver­ti­cal ali­gned pro­bes in pre-defi­ned heights
IEC 61000–4‑316 Point field uni­for­mi­ty vali­da­ti­on, ver­ti­cal ali­gnment of the four field pro­bes of the LSPro­be Mul­ti-Pro­be Sys­tem, using one LSPro­be Flo­or Pro­be Stands
IEC 61000–4‑21Posi­tio­ning of the eight field pro­bes of the LSPro­be Mul­ti-Pro­be Sys­tem at the cor­ner points of the test­ing volu­me, using four LSPro­be Flo­or Pro­be Stands

Features of LSProbe Floor Probe Stand

  • Opti­mi­zed for IEC 61000–4‑3 16 point field homo­gen­ei­ty validation
  • Metal-free base and pole
  • No direc­tion­al reflec­tion from round pole
  • Ruler shows LSPro­be height abo­ve ground
  • Lockable swi­vel castors
  • Base fea­tures slots for repea­ted ali­gnment (matching Edding 3000 pen included)
  • Light­weight construction
  • Low RF absorp­ti­on material
  • Moun­ta­ble at any angle 
  • Two moun­ting posi­ti­ons for LSProbe
  • Fur­ther sin­gle pro­be hol­der and mounts available

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Stands for E‑Field Probes

Table­top Pro­be Stand – Base

The table top pro­be stand base allows for moun­ting the pole for posi­tio­ning the field probe.

Part No.: 1307

Table­top Pro­be Stand – Moun­ting Poles

The table top pro­be stands are available in the fol­lo­wing sizes: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm and have a rela­ti­ve per­mit­ti­vi­ty bet­ter than 2.7 at 1kHz.

Height abo­ve tablePart No.
100 mm1308
125 mm1309
150 mm1310
200 mm1311
300 mm1312

Fle­xi­ble Pro­be Stand

The fle­xi­ble tri­pod pro­be-stand for ver­sa­ti­le posi­tio­ning of LSPro­bes allows for quick mount and release for ver­ti­cal posi­tio­ning appro­xi­m­ate­ly 150 mm to 250 mm abo­ve sur­face. A strong magne­tic feet with rub­ber coa­ting holds the LSPro­be in position.

Part No. 1306

Flo­or Pro­be Stand 

The light­weight flo­or pro­be stand is metal-free, has very low absorp­ti­on, and a height of 2.45m abo­ve ground. 

The pro­be can be adjus­ted varia­ble at any ang­le in the height nee­ded from 0.2 m – 2.53 m.
A ruler shows the exact LSPro­be height abo­ve ground. The flo­or pro­be stand has lockable swi­vel cas­tors and base fea­tures slots for repea­ted alignment. 

The Flo­or Pro­be stand ist equi­ped with a sin­gle pro­be hol­der. Addi­tio­nal Pro­be Moun­ting Bra­cket are available on demand.

Addi­tio­nal­ly, the flo­or pro­be stand is opti­mi­zed for IEC 61000–4‑3 16 point field homo­gen­ei­ty validation.

Part No. 1316

1 Pro­be Mount for Flo­or Pro­be Stand

Pro­be mount for flo­or pro­be stand for 1 addi­tio­nal probe.

Part No. 1317

3 Pro­bes Mount for Flo­or Pro­be Stand

Pro­bes mount for flo­or pro­be stand for 3 addi­tio­nal probes.

Part No. 1382

LSMove Field Probe Positioning System

The LSMo­ve Posi­tio­ning Sys­tem is a com­pa­n­ion pro­duct to the LSPro­be 1.2 Laser-Powered Field Pro­be, enab­ling auto­ma­ted mea­su­re­ments of field dis­tri­bu­ti­ons in 3D test­ing volu­mes. LSMove’s uni­que design mini­mi­zes the field dis­tor­ti­on intro­du­ced by the posi­tio­ning sys­tem, enab­ling high-accu­ra­cy mea­su­re­ments.
LSMo­ve acce­le­ra­tes:
LSMo­ve is desi­gned for high posi­tio­ning accu­ra­cy and repea­ta­bi­li­ty, requi­ring no zero­ing upon start-up. Its non­con­duc­ti­ve pro­be mount, pro­be sus­pen­si­on and side stands inte­gra­te seam­less­ly with LUMILOOP’s LSPro­be Field Pro­be. Fiber-optic cables for the Field Pro­be are embedded in the straps for hass­le-free posi­tio­ning.
LSMo­ve is con­nec­ted via USB and includes soft­ware for manu­al posi­tio­ning and auto­ma­ted ope­ra­ti­on via TCP/IP using stan­dard SCPI commands.

LSMo­ve speeds up:

  • IEC 61000–4‑3 anechoic cham­ber calibration
  • Anten­na pat­tern characterization
  • IEC 61000–4‑20 TEM-wave­gui­de cali­bra­ti­on, and
  • IEC 61000–4‑21 rever­be­ra­ti­on cham­ber calibration

Addi­tio­nal fea­tures include:

  • Long-time ope­ra­ti­on
  • Quick swap, fast-char­ging bat­tery pack
  • Fiber-opti­cal con­trol ports
  • Wire­less remo­te control
  • Quick and simp­le posi­ti­on calibration
  • Built-in hazard zone avoidance