Fiber Connector Cleaning Kit

Fiber Con­nec­tor Clea­ning Kit incl. Fiber Microscope

The fiber con­nec­tor clea­ning kit allows for cle­an­sing the fiber optic con­nec­tor to ensu­re relia­ble ope­ra­ti­on of the LSPro­bes.
The fiber con­nec­tor clea­ning kit con­sists of:

  • 400x opti­cal fiber microscope
  • two packs of lint-free cas­set­te cleaning-wipes
  • fiber optic clea­ning-solu­ti­on pen
  • an unfil­led iso­pro­pyl alco­hol (IPA) pipette/bottle
  • spa­re FC/ST dust caps and two E2000 locking caps

LSMux – RF Multiplexer

The LSMux 1.0 RF Mul­ti­ple­xers are relay-based signal swit­ches available as 12:2 and 36:4 models, sup­port­ing the swit­ching of 12 or 36 RF inputs to two or four RF out­puts.
The mul­ti­ple­xers are qua­li­fied up to 6 GHz with hig­her fre­quen­cy opti­ons available upon request.
LSMux 1.0 incor­po­ra­tes a ful­ly func­tion­al and free­ly acces­si­ble PC, a 7‑inch dis­play, USB 2.0 host ports, a LAN inter­face and an USB device seri­al port. Switch sta­tes are dis-
play­ed by and can be set via the touch dis­play. LSMux 1.0 can be ope­ra­ted using stan­dard SCPI com­mands via LAN or USB.

LSMux 12:2

LSMux 1.0 Model 12:2
The 12:2 model allows for inter­con­nec­ting an arbi­tra­ry RF in-put to any RF out­put at the same time.

LSMux 36:4

LSMux 1.0 Model 36:4
The 36:4 model groups the RF inputs in the form of six blocks with six in-puts. Only one RF input of each group can be con­nec­ted to one of the four RF out­puts at one time.

LSMux Specifications

For detail­ed tech­ni­cal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons, plea­se take a look at the LSMux data­sheet.

Fre­quen­cy Ran­geDC to 6 GHz, ext. to ≥18 GHz
Inser­ti­on Losstyp. 2 dB @ 6 GHz
Iso­la­ti­ontyp. >100 dB @ 6 GHz
Impe­dance50 Ohm
Maxi­mum Power10 W / 100 W
Return Loss> 10 dB
Swi­ching Cycles10 Mil­li­on / >2.5 Million
Per­for­mance LSMux

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