PixEdust - Speed Up Your Measurement Using Fast Frequency Sweeps

PixEdust is LUMILOOP's software solution for super fast measurements. PixEdust accelerates through fast frequency sweeps.

Traditionally, EMC test automation software orchestrates all measurements.
A standard frequency sweep performs the following steps for each frequency:

  • Configure all equipment to the current frequency/level
  • Wait (be sure all equipment has processed commands)
  • Read E-Field and forward/backward power

This results in a typical speed of 1 to 10 frequencies per second.

LSProbe E-Field Probes as well as LSPM RF Power Meters support configurable frequency sweeps, as known from other RF equipment. Both LUMILOOP devices are broadband input, so the sweep will set the correction frequency.
Besides LSProbe and LSPM, a sweep-capable RF signal generator is needed. All three devices are synchronized by BNC trigger cables.

PixEdust orchestrates exactly the same procedure as with test automation software, only faster:

  • Configure the same frequency sweep in all devices
  • Start the measurement
  • Read and process bulk data

This method easily reaches 200 frequencies per second, limited by the speed of the signal generator.