The LSPro­be Field Pro­bes allow for ding­le pro­be use – but as well for mul­ti-pro­be use.
Up to 10 field pro­bes can be syn­chro­ni­zed in the 19″ rack mount and the GUI and SCPI com­mand sup­port for pre­de­fi­ned ISO / IEC stan­dard setups.

Four and Six Probes

Four and six pro­bes allow for refe­rence point and refe­rence line mea­su­re­ment acc. to ISO 11451–2

Eight Probe Setup

Eight Pro­be Set­up allow for real-time working volu­me moni­to­ring acc. to ISO 11452–11 / IEC 61000–3‑21

Field Homogeneity Setup

The mul­ti-pro­be set­up allows for field homo­gen­ei­ty mea­su­re­ments acc. to IEC 61000–4‑3