LSPM 1.0, 9kHz – 8.2 GHz

The LSPM 1.0 Tri­ple High-Speed Power Meter is a three chan­nel, high speed, high accu­ra­cy and high dyna­mic ran­ge RF Power Meter. Sin­gle and dual chan­nel ver­si­ons are available as well. Its fre­quen­cy ran­ge is 9 kHz – 8.2 GHz.
Ope­ra­ti­on up to 12 GHz is sup­port­ed with redu­ced performance.

Com­pen­sa­ti­on of linea­ri­ty, fre­quen­cy and an actively con­trol­led power sen­sor tem­pe­ra­tu­re gua­ran­tee accu­ra­te mea­su­re­ments
from less than ‑50dBm to at least 20dBm. A dyna­mic ran­ge of 90dB is achie­ved for many frequencies.

The LSPM 1.0 High-Speed Power Meter­’s high sam­pling rate allows for high reso­lu­ti­on time-domain signal ana­ly­sis.
The Power Meter can be syn­chro­ni­zed with signal gene­ra­tors in order to rea­li­ze high reso­lu­ti­on pul­se analysis.

LSPM 1.0 High-Speed Power Meters can be com­bi­ned seam­less­ly with LUMI­LOOP’s LSPro­be E‑Field Pro­bes to acce­le­ra­te stan­dard EMC mea­su­re­ments such as IEC61000‑4–3 and 61000–4‑21 by a fac­tor of more than 100 over tra­di­tio­nal set­ups.
Rear­ward con­nec­tors are available upon request.

LSPM 1.0 System

The LUMILOOP LSPM 1.0 Sys­tem con­sists of a LSPM 1.0 high-speed power meter.
The LSPM is available with 3–2- or 1- chan­nels. The sys­tem car­ry­ing case includes LUMILOOP soft­ware packa­ge and a power supply.

LSPM 1.0 Sys­tem (3 channel)
LSPM 1.0 Sys­tem Scope of Delivery
LSPM 1.0 High-speed power meter with a fre­quen­cy ran­ge 9 kHz – 8.2 GHz
(3–2‑1-channels available upon request)
LUMILOOP Soft­ware Packa­ge on USB Dri­ve
- Cali­bra­ti­on data
- User’s manu­al & Quick Start Gui­de
- LUMILOOP TCP ser­ver and gra­phi­cal user inter­face
- Third par­ty EMC soft­ware dri­vers and pro­gramming examp­les
- Cali­bra­ti­on data import tool CalImport
LSPM Sys­tem Car­ry­ing Case

LSPM 1.0+

The LSPM+ is an build-time opti­on of the Lumi­loop LSPM tri­ple high speed power meter.
The + opti­on is available for the LSPM 1.0 , 9kHz – 6 GHz and for the LSPM 2.0, 9kHz – 26.5 GHz.

The­se are your advantages:

  • 4.3″ Touch­screen and Ether­net Interface
  • RF Power on all chan­nels, Mode, … at a glance
  • Easy EMC Soft­ware Inte­gra­ti­on – just enter IP Address
  • Sup­ports Mul­ti-Device Systems

Rear­wards opti­ons are available as well. Just con­nect your cables at the back of the device.
The pic­tures dis­play the dual chan­nel rear­wards ver­si­on of the LSPM 1.0+.

LSPM 1.0 Specifications

For detail­ed tech­ni­cal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons, plea­se take a look at the LSPM 1.0 data­sheet.

Fre­quen­cy Ran­ge9 kHz – 8.2 GHz 
Ampli­tu­de Accu­ra­cy
at 0 dBm, CW, accre­di­ted Cali­bra­ti­on at Ame­tek CTS Euro­pe GmbH
0.1 dB
Linea­ri­ty Error0.15 dB
Tem­pe­ra­tu­re Sta­bi­li­ty 0.1 dB
LSPM 1.0 Power Resolution

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