Your experts for turn­key units for opti­cal ener­gy and data trans­mis­si­on.
Maxi­mum minia­tu­ri­zed sys­tems – from the sen­sor to the software.


  • Product News – Visit us at emv Stuttgart

    Product News – Visit us at emv Stuttgart

    This artic­le fea­tures new LUMILOOP pro­ducts to be shown at emv Stutt­gart – among others: the World’s 1st Laser-Powered RF Power-Meters: LSPM 1.1 | LSPM 2.1 and add the + to your lab!

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  • Lumiloop LSProbe Laser-Powered E‑Field Probe

    Lumiloop LSProbe Laser-Powered E‑Field Probe

    This artic­le focu­ses on Lumiloop’s laser-powered E‑field pro­bes: LSPro­be 1.2 and LSPro­be 2.0. Check out 15 fea­tures of the uni­que mea­su­re­ment devices, which allow for high speed, high accu­ra­cy and high dyna­mic range.

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  • Lumiloop RF Power Meter

    Lumiloop RF Power Meter

    This artic­le focu­ses on Lumi­loop’s LSPM 1.0 and LSPM 2.0 – tri­ple chan­nel high speed RF power meters. Learn about 11 advan­ta­ges of using Lumi­loop high speed, high pre­cis­i­on and high dyna­mic mea­su­re­ment devices.

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Lumi­loop pro­vi­des laser powered, super fast and relia­ble mea­su­re­ment tools for:

  • EMC mea­su­re­ments
  • RF mea­su­re­ments
  • E‑field uni­for­mi­ty

Sel­ec­ted Inter­na­tio­nal Standards:

  • IEC 61000–4‑3, 61000–4‑21
  • ISO 11451–2, 11451–5, 11452–2, 11452–1
  • CISPR 25


We take care of your cali­bra­ti­on!
Our all-round care­free ser­vice for LSPro­be E‑Field Pro­bes and LSPM RF Power Meters includes che­cking your mea­su­ring equip­ment and hand­ling the accre­di­ted calibration.


Advi­ses cus­to­mers on the rea­liza­ti­on of pro­ducts and cus­to­mi­zes firm­ware, soft­ware and elec­tro­nic assemblies.

The ser­vice offer includes the inte­gra­ti­on of a com­mer­ci­al­ly available sen­sor or a spe­ci­fic cus­to­mer sen­sor into the sen­sor inter­face inclu­ding the adapt­a­ti­on of the sen­sor electronics.

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emv Stutt­gart
28. – 30.03. 2023
Stutt­gart, Ger­ma­ny
Booth 304

31. Juli – 04. 08.2023
Grand Rapids, USA
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