Meet us at emv Cologne! Workshop During EMV:Theory and Practice of EMC Measurements in Reverberation Chambers

LUMILOOP is proud to co-host the Reverb work­shop joint­ly with Dr. Mathi­as Mag­dow­ski. The work­shop beg­ins with the basics and the typi­cal struc­tu­re of a rever­be­ra­ti­on cham­ber (RC). In a theo­re­ti­cal part, the phy­si­cal laws of the elec­tro­ma­gne­tic cavi­ty reso­na­tor as the basic struc­tu­re of an RC are going to be dis­cus­sed and the sta­tis­ti­cal descrip­ti­on of “swir­led” fields are dealt with.

This is fol­lo­wed by a prac­ti­cal sec­tion in which the basic cali­bra­ti­on of an RC and the stan­dard-com­pli­ant mea­su­re­ment of inter­fe­rence radia­ti­on and immu­ni­ty will be cover­ed. Sel­ec­ted mea­su­re­ments with field-pro­bes and spec­trum ana­ly­zer will be demons­tra­ted live, direct­ly during the work­shop on a por­ta­ble RC. Eight LUMILOOP LSPro­be E‑field pro­bes enable high-speed, clo­sed-loop E‑field con­trol based on real-time sta­tis­tics, as descri­bed in ISO11451‑5.

For fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on, plea­se check the emv con­gress pro­gram and mark your calen­dar for Tues­day, March 12, 8:45–12 AM, work­shop 3.

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