LSProbe 2.0, 9 kHz – 18 GHz

The LSPro­be 2.0 Field Pro­be is a next-gene­ra­ti­on, high speed, high accu­ra­cy and high dyna­mic ran­ge elec­tric-field pro­be. Its fre­quen­cy ran­ge is 9 kHz to 18 GHz. The Field Probe’s six-mono­po­le anten­na design ensu­res iso­tro­pic ope­ra­ti­on at all fre­quen­ci­es.
LSPro­be 2.0 Field Pro­be employs fine-grai­ned com­pen­sa­ti­on of linea­ri­ty, fre­quen­cy and tem­pe­ra­tu­re, gua­ran­te­e­ing accu­ra­te mea­su­re­ments from less than 1 V/m to at least 1 kV/m. A dyna­mic ran­ge of 60 dB is achie­ved for all frequencies.

LSPro­be 2.0 Field Pro­be con­ta­ins a low-fre­quen­cy and high-fre­quen­cy detec­tor for each of the six mono­po­les. The detec­tors can be ope­ra­ted con­ti­nuous­ly at 500 kSamples/s or in burst mode at 2 MS/s. This enables direct radar pul­se mea­su­re­ments and acce­le­ra­ted, fre­quen­cy sweep-based measurements.

A sin­gle axis, con­ti­nuous­ly sam­pling mode, ope­ra­ting at 2 MS/s, can be used for Equi­va­lent Iso­tro­pi­cal­ly Radia­ted Power (EIRP) mea­su­re­ments of IoT pro­ducts wit­hout anten­na con­nec­tors in accordance with EN 300 328 and EN 301 893.

Laser-powered ope­ra­ti­on eli­mi­na­tes bat­tery rech­ar­ging and repla­ce­ment. Exten­si­ve in-house cali­bra­ti­on data are pro­vi­ded with each field pro­be and is hand­led auto­ma­ti­cal­ly by the LUMILOOP Soft­ware (TCP Ser­ver and GUI).

LSProbe 2.0

Fre­quen­cyField StrengthAppli­ca­ti­onPart No.
9 kHz to 18 GHz<1 V/m to >1.000 V/m - Radar pul­se mea­su­re­ments
- Uni­ver­sal radia­ted immu­ni­ty
- Auto­mo­ti­ve & mili­ta­ry radar pul­ses
- Reverb chambers

Test Automation Integration

  • Roh­de & Schwarz – ELEKTRA
  • Roh­de & Schwarz – EMC32 – Ver­si­on 10.0
  • Nexio – BAT-EMC
  • Ame­tek – Com­pli­ance 5
  • Ame­tek – Com­pli­ance and Immu­ni­ty 6 (CIS 6)
  • ETS-Lind­gren – TILE!
  • Radi­teq – Radi­Ma­ti­on
  • Teseq – WIN 6000
  • Tech­no Sci­ence Japan – TEPTO
  • AR – Emcware
  • Fran­ko­nia – Pro­ve­EMC
  • TDK RF Solu­ti­ons – Radia­ted Immu­ni­ty Lab
  • Toyo – VI5RS – Radia­ted Immu­ni­ty for Auto­mo­ti­ve testing
  • Toyo – IM5RS -  Radia­ted Immu­ni­ty for IEC 61000–4‑3 testing

LSProbe 2.0 inside view

LSProbe 2.0 System

The LUMILOOP LSPro­be 2.0 E‑Field Pro­be Sys­tem con­sists of an LSPro­be 2.0 E‑Field Pro­be with a fixed length of fiber optic cable, a Com­pu­ter Inter­face CI-250 and optio­nal access­ories, such as pro­be stands for repeata­ble and quick mea­su­re­ment setup.

LSPro­be 2.0 System
LSPro­be Sys­tem with all cables
LSPro­be 2.0 Sys­tem Scope of Delivery
LSPro­be 2.0 E‑Field Pro­be with 5m per­ma­nent­ly atta­ched opti­cal fiber cable
– 1x 15m Fiber exten­si­on cable
– 3x Sacri­fi­ci­al cable kit
Com­pu­ter Inter­face CI-250
– Con­trol unit with power sup­p­ly
– USB 2.0 cable
– ST/FC fiber optic con­nec­tors
– Can be upgraded to CI-250+ (adds ether­net and touch­screen interfaces)
LUMILOOP Soft­ware Packa­ge on USB Dri­ve
– Cali­bra­ti­on data
– User’s manu­al & Quick Start Gui­de
– LUMILOOP TCP ser­ver and gra­phi­cal user inter­face
– Third par­ty EMC soft­ware dri­vers and pro­gramming examp­les
– Cali­bra­ti­on data import tool CalImport
LSPro­be Sys­tem Car­ry­ing Case

Optional Upgrade CI-250+

CI-250+ with 19″ Rack Kit 

The CI-250+ is equip­ped with a 4.3″ touch screen and Ether­net inter­face. It runs the LUMILOOP TCP Ser­ver and a sim­pli­fied GUI.

CI-250+ has an inter­nal power sup­p­ly. Fiber optic con­nec­tion as well as trig­ge­ring and syn­chro­niza­ti­on opti­ons are unch­an­ged com­pared to a clas­sic CI-250.

Dimen­si­ons: width x height x depth = 200 x 88 x 150 mm (fits in 2 19″ height units, rack mount kit available)

The Com­pu­ter Inter­face CI-250+ is an optio­nal upgrade of the Com­pu­ter Inter­face CI-250. It can only be orde­red com­bi­ned with one of the fol­lo­wing part no.: 1111, 1112, 1113, 1120, 2107–2109, 2117 – 2119

Upgrade CI-250+Part. No. 1005
CI-250+ Rack KitPart. No. 3026

LSProbe 2.0 Specifications

For detail­ed tech­ni­cal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons, plea­se take a look at the LSPro­be 2.0 data­sheet.

Fre­quen­cy Ran­ge9 kHz to 18 GHzkV/m
Dama­ge Level
9kHz – 1GHZ>25 kV/m
1 GHz – 18GHz>5 kV/m
Reso­lu­ti­on<0.05 dB
Ampli­tu­de Accu­ra­cyAccre­di­ted Cal. at AMETEK Germany
10 kHz … < 10 MHz±1.3 dB
10 MHz … 1 GHz±1.5 dB
>1 GHz … 18 GHz±1.0 dB
Typi­cal Worst-Case Iso­tro­py Error
@ 1 GHz±0.5 dB
@ 6 GHz±1.5 dB
@ 18 GHztbd
Linea­ri­ty Error±0.2 dB rela­ting to 10 V/m
Field Strength Reso­lu­ti­on LSPro­be 2.0

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