LSPM 2.1, 9 kHz – 26.5 GHz

The LSPM 2.1 Power Meters are laser-powered, three chan­nel, high speed, high
accu­ra­cy and high dyna­mic ran­ge RF Power Meters. Sin­gle and dual chan­nel ver­si­ons are available as well.
It covers a fre­quen­cy ran­ge from 9 kHz to to 26.5 GHz.
Ope­ra­ti­on at hig­her fre­quen­ci­es is sup­port­ed with redu­ced performance.

LSPM 2.1 is gal­va­ni­cal­ly isoa­ted. The sen­sor heads are extre­me­ly robust and can with­stand more
than 1000 V/m. Mea­su­ring for­ward and rever­se RF Power at a direc­tion­al cou­pler insi­de EMC test cham­bers
has never been easier! Fiber cable lengths of >500 m allow for remo­te ope­ra­ti­on wit­hout ground loop worries.

Com­pen­sa­ti­on of linea­ri­ty, fre­quen­cy and power sen­sor tem­pe­ra­tu­re gua­ran­tee accu­ra­te mea­su­re­ments from
less than ‑60 dBm to at least +15 dBm. A dyna­mic ran­ge of >75 dB is achie­ved for many fre­quen­ci­es.
The LSPM Tri­ple High-Speed Power Meter’s high sam­pling rate allows for high reso­lu­ti­on time-domain signal
ana­ly­sis. The Power Meters can be syn­chro­ni­zed with signal gene­ra­tors in order to rea­li­ze high reso­lu­ti­on pul­se
ana­ly­sis. All LSPMs can also be syn­chro­ni­zed with fur­ther LSPM 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and 2.1 Power Meters as well as
LSPro­be E‑Field Probes.

The LSPM 2.1 Laser-Powered RF Power Meters can also be com­bi­ned with the Com­pu­ter Inter­face
CI-250 + . It is equip­ped with a 4.3” Touch­screen and Ether­net Inter­face.
CI-250 + dis­plays RF power, laser sta­tus, … at a glan­ce. The set up is a child’s play.
Third par­ty EMC soft­ware inte­gra­ti­on is quick and easy – just enter the IP address, power the laser, and start your
One CI-250 + enhan­ces other LUMILOOP devices: LSPM 1.0 and LSPM 2.0 as well as LSPro­be E‑Field Probes.

CI-250+ with LSPM 1.1 | 2.1

LSPM 2.1 Specifications

For detail­ed tech­ni­cal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons, plea­se take a look at the LSPM 2.1 data­sheet.

Fre­quen­cy Ran­ge9 kHz – 26.5 GHz 
Ampli­tu­de Accu­ra­cy
at 0 dBm, CW, accre­di­ted cali­bra­ti­on at esz AG cali­bra­ti­on & metrology
±0.15 dB
Linea­ri­ty Error<0.2 dB
Tem­pe­ra­tu­re Sta­bi­li­ty <0.2 dB

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